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Ever since my first “exposure” to Aliens, it has been like, decade. I
still remember the first image of aliens jumping into my eye:
anthropopathic and horrific and it just immediately made me gravitated
toward it. But it has no doubt that it is another heroic (no matter who
the hero is) movie yet it contains something scientific and profound
meaning into finding the future of human beings. I finished watching my
previous alien series in Pearl channel (明珠台), and it has been
scaring me yet worshipful by those creatures. And my perpectual mother
of alien would be Sigourney Weaver. She is so strong and powrful.

4.[What did David say to the Last Engineer?]
According to Dr. Anil Biltoo, one of the linguists who helped create the
Engineer language, David tells the Engineer “This man (referring to
Weyland) is seeking more life. He believes you can give it to him.”
Biltoo also revealed that there was originally more of a conversation
between David and the Engineer, but it was reduced to one line.

Since Pandora is a moon and is presumably smaller than the Earth, the
gravity would be lower. This is alluded to in the film, and creatures
do grow larger and survive falls from greater heights than you could
on Earth. I wonder if Cameron dialed in a different gravity to the
physics engine rendering everything. To my eye, for at least the
human scenes, the gravity looked just like Earth gravity, but then
again if the gravity is close the differences can be subtle.
Virtually all science fiction movies feature planets with gravity at
1g, since, of course, until now, filming has always been done on
Earth. Since here so much of the world was created inside the
computer, I would have liked to see this aspect pushed a bit farther.
In one of my biggest pet peeves regarding the science of Avatar, there
is one scene where the gas giant, Polyphemus, can clearly be seen to
be rotating in the span of about a second or two. Let’s say it
rotates about a degree out of 360 degrees in those 2 seconds. That
means it makes one rotation in 720 seconds, or 12 minutes! Jupiter
takes about 10 hours to rotate. So the gas giant in Avatar rotates
about 50 times faster than Jupiter. Winds on Jupiter can exceed 100
meters per second, so the winds on Polyphemus would have to exceed
5000 m/s – this is supersonic and clearly implausible. Here’s one
case where Cameron opted for visual effect over realism, but to me the
bargain isn’t worth it. It looks unrealistic and takes me right out
of the movie. But I do like the look of the clouds on Polyphemus –
they look like a cross between Neptune and Jupiter. The highlight is
a giant storm resembling Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. That is
particularly appropriate for Polyphemus, named after a mythological

On one occasion, Calvin understands human nature. In this case, it
becomes that slick salesperson that tricked your grandparents into
buying some $3000 garbage, not because he doesn’t understand the
uselessness of the item but because he/she craves to be the salesperson
of the month; it is that alpha-male who takes pride in the amount of
women he has slept with not because he doesn’t know the definition of
misogyny but because he feels like showing off his “charm” to his kind
of people; and it is that pushy parent that warns you no job other than
lawyer and dentist is acceptable, not because he/she doesn’t know your
aspirations but because they can’t see alternatives of success and your
true happiness. Calvin in this situation, would be a cold-blood
utilitarian. It takes every advantage at its hand and exploit them to
the full extent.

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2.[Is Meredith Vickers an android?]
It’s never revealed whether or not Vickers is an android. It’s left
ambiguous, although there are a few hints for either side. Some viewers
conclude that Vickers is NOT an android and cite such evidence as (1)
she is housed in a separate module with life support, (2) she had sex
with Janek, (3) she has strong emotions such as anger, panic,
frustration, and exhaustion, as when she displays jealousy at Weyland’s
remark that David is like a “son” to him and when she screams “No No
No!” just before she is crushed by the falling debris, and (4) she is
seen frantically pulling on the space suit that will supply her oxygen,
which androids do not require, after her bail-out of the Prometheus.
Other viewers conclude that she IS an android and base it on evidence
such as (1) she calls Weyland ‘Father’ but shows little emotion at his
death, (2) the disparity between her age and his, (3) she throws David
against the wall with ease, (4) the surgery-module in her escape pod
only performs operations on males, suggesting that she doesn’t need
medical assistance (though it could be for her father, not her), and (5)
androids can be programmed to act human and to eat human food, as did
Ash in Alien and Call in Alien: Resurrection. Alternatively, Vickers
could have been programned in a similar manner to Rachel from Ridley
Scott’s other science fiction film Blade Runner- designed to pursue a
particular agenda but programned with false memories in order so that
she believes she is human. Therefore, it’s up to the viewer to decide.

Since the Na’vi have had the ability to download information and share
it in a massive network for long periods of time (evolutionary
timescales), they should be way ahead of us in terms of technological
development. Still, I have to give Cameron a pass here. It is
thematically necessary that the Na’vi are technologically primitive,
and their root-network is necessary to the plot. Maybe you could say
that they could have evolved more technology, but they don’t need it
or want it. Still, that reeks of the “Noble savage” idea, and I have
to agree with Stephen Pinker that that is a bunch of hoo-ha.

A Martian creature was brought on a spaceship and was given extra care
by the biologist that saw potential of extracting curing materials from
it for the human’s sake. Then the alien turned into a human-eating
monster- nothing unexpected. By now, experienced audiences may start to
wonder why do alien-related films inevitably all fall into two main
categories: some with extremely nice aliens like the one in E.T and the
others with aliens that ravage and devour humans for fun like in Alien.
Fortunately, Life takes an alternative path as it depicts aliens neither
as humans’ best friends nor humans’ biggest nightmare; the director
stands at an unbiased point as he sees Calvin only as a creature that is
other than human (unfortunately whose need is to eat humans). In the
first situation, aliens are too proficient in sympathizing. It shares
humans’ emotions too well that it becomes instantly understandable. From
another angle, this alien seems even culturally-assimilated that these
so called aliens may just be humans in the “alien” skin. In the second
situation, aliens are evil in themselves. These creatures cut people to
pieces simply out of their aggressive and devil nature. The lack of
sympathize is portrayed as a weakness, as some lack of intelligence for
only the raw desire to kill can overrule these creatures and nothing
else. They won’t understand the happiness of seeing their children be
born, the grievance when their friends lose their lives and the fear of
being exiled to the limitless universe with no sight of fellow creature.
They exist to live or die, to be simulated and response. They were
created, modified and served as backgrounds of humans’ myriad emotions
and desires. Though they maybe physically powerful, the lack of
emotional intelligence make them inferior.

Human beings are the smartest life beings on this earth and it has no
predator against them. All this peaceful live and prosperity make it
start thinking what is it behind this planet and universe? Is there
other life beings on other planet? Who create us? Can we create life
beings? But from far ago, there is our predecessor who warn us that,”
The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the
human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of
ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant
that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own
direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing
together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of
reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go
mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety
of a new dark age.”

of Arabia

Technically, there is a third star in the system, Proxima Centauri,
but it is a tiny red dwarf a huge distance, about 12,000 AU, away – it
is not even clear it is bound to the system. At any rate, it would
not be prominent in the sky as seen from Pandora. Incidentally, my
first job as a graduate student was to help calibrate the fine
guidance sensors on the Hubble Space Telescope to help my advisor look
for planets around Proxima Centauri. Sadly, we didn’t find any.

The second occasion would be more remorseful; Calvin doesn’t understand
human nature. Calvin is thus so alive not because he has an evil nature,
but he chose to be “evil” with its victims being humans. The scariest
part of this film is that Calvin may not understand how much harm he had
done to humans, how much chaos and hopelessness he has sprouted, maybe
because it doesn’t speak humans’ language, maybe because he can’t read
fear in people’s eyes. Hugh’s words shed a light on me for I never saw
aliens in that way, and a monster as such surprisingly never felt so
close to me. It is as Calvin fed itself on more human blood and its
python-looking face became more distinct from a mess of sticky
transparent gel, the extremity of brutality faded away from the
spotlight and I could see more of the inability to understand others and
the exclusivity of needs and wants. And this is what made me nearly
cried when Sho was trapped in the sleeping box while he murmured in
Japanese to his new-born daughter’s photo and that monster can’t even
feel a thing. Or is it nausea, or grief? Sho is a character whose fate
was written long before he even appeared on the screen: a sacrificial
death. But here he would only die meaninglessly, not like a hero, not
even like villain. He is only a nameless, heartless, legacy-less prey.
Speaking of meaningless, Hugh said in the beginning of the film that
this Martian may help humans unveil the meaning of life. Such ambition
and such irony. The concept of meaning is wiped clean when the moment
the seeker of meaning is erased from the world. This gives me an instant
feeling of sickness; that what “we” value as our life are not even
existent for some others. The fact that we don’t have a common tongue
with this python in which include love, hatred, guilt and hope is so
dark that the film ended with a heart-gripping twist. On a 10/10
Instagram worthy Pacific Island landed Calvin, the human-devotions beast
as opposed to the astronaut Miranda whose escape pod was altered the
route and was shoot to the deep dark space. David roared “No!”
repeatedly to warn the kind-hearted fishermen not to open the door but
nobody listened.

And I just want more shots of James Franco QAQ


Between the fact that Pandora seems to be sort-of at 1g, the
impossible rotation of Polyphemus, and the floating mountains, physics
is one one area AVATAR gets a marginal fail on Copernicus’ Law of
Science Fiction. But on all the other aspects of science, Cameron
gets either a pass or passes with flying colors.

The first moment I was impressed was when Ryan Reynolds died- I don’t
even remember the last time a role as eye-catching as his died so early
in a film. In fact, I kept telling my friend when Calvin crept into
Rory’s mouth that he 100 percent would not die. And it was when streams
of blood flew out of his body and there was no sign he could get out of
that deadly lab that I realized this film was much more than a typical
Hollywood alien topic thriller whose only intention is to intensify
audience’s desire to barf. His mouth was hanging open as mine. And Life
proved itself to be more heart-touching than stomach-touching during its
104mins course.

Island of Death by Arnold Böck

3.[Why did the Engineers change their minds about us?]
The reason is not explained in the movie and is left as the question
that motivates Shaw to continue searching for the Engineers’ home
planet. Because of an idea proposed by Ridley Scott…that the Engineers
were responsible for the creation of Jesus Christ or at least one or
more individuals who in time would become the basis for the story of
Jesus and ultimately Christianity…a number of theories revolve around
that idea. They cite the atrocities and genocides committed in the name
of Christianity as the reason that the Engineers decided to destroy
humanity. That hardly sounds like a viable theory because the Engineers
were already on their way to Earth with their ‘gift’ of alien DNA 2,000
years earlier, shortly after the crucifixion of Jesus and during a time
when Christianity was still a tiny sect, known to only a few followers
and practiced secretly. If the Engineers were responsible for creating
human life on Earth millions of years ago, something must have happened
long before the spread of Christianity to cause them to want to destroy
their creation. Other, nonreligious theories include: (1) that the
Engineers deemed the human race a failure or even a threat and sought to
undo their work or possibly start over, (2) that the Engineers created
life on Earth to be used as a breeding test ground for weapons, one of
which included the development of xenomorphs, (3) That the Engineers had
some project they wished to do, but were unable to do immediately
because mankind was in the way, and (4) that David misinterpreted the
Engineers’ mission such that they were not looking to destroy humanity
at all. Hopefully, Prometheus 2 will provide an answer to the question
of why the Engineers changed their minds about humanity.


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There’s nothing in the desert. No man needs nothing.

One way out of both my evolutionary nitpicks is the panspermia
hypothesis — that life in the galaxy was seeded in multiple places by
an advanced civilization. But even then the odds against evolution
producing such similar animals on different planets is astronomical.
Since we have a clear record of evolution on Earth, some civilization
would have had to keep taking specimens from earth, first
pterodactyls, and ultimately humans (after they evolved), and then
would have had to deliver them to Pandora, possibly modified via
genetic engineering. That would be an interesting sequel: humans and
Na’vi come together to confront their godlike humanoid ancestors!

Blocked the vision by the dirty window of the escape pod, the fishermen
couldn’t see the monster inside. And so are we, by the more blurry and
less noticeable walls, unaware of the inabilities of understandings and
acceptances, we are the preys and we are the predators.

I just can’t wait to see the whole dark universe Ridley build. To be

You’ll do that once too often. It’s only flesh and blood.
What is the trick?
The trick is, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.

Grade for the astrophysics: For the fact that this world doesn’t have
an oxygen atmosphere, and the plausible use of color, A.

But in this film, Calvin is a little bit different from these two types
of aliens. To recall the other alien films I’ve watched, I wonder what
it was that laid a foundation of reason for Calvin’s actions and that
answer is the second thing that really impressed me in this film: it was
when Hugh said like a desperate father (it was him that woke the monster
up), that Calvin only destroys to grow stronger for himself, implying
Calvin is not “hostile” but only self-serving. At this point, the terror
of seeing these hot astronauts being stripped alive and crawled inside
of became more unbearable for I could perfectly understand Calvin. What
it wants seems to ascend from the urge to live to power, like a
politician, who in order to gain the throne would destroy anything that
is on its way. Calvin grows bigger, smarter and more powerful because it
aspires to be so. It became no longer a symbol of terror, some ghost
that holds a grudge in the Classical Japanese thriller and take revenge
years after even on innocent people, but a real “life”, that possesses
free will and takes actions for reasonable purposes: to become stronger.

Sigourney Weaver

Big things have small beginnings.


新萄京娱乐场.2959. 3


Copernicus’ Law of Science Fiction: Bending the laws of
physics out of service to the story is fine, doing it out of ignorance
is unconscionable.


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